Child Care Payment Update- January 12th

January 12, 2018 at 5:17 pm

Providers and clients can hear the status of their payments on 800-804-3833.  
Reminder:  Monday January 15th is a holiday.  No processing will take place on that day.
Payment Updates:
DHS probably won’t resume approving payments again until Tuesday January 16th.  The last payments approved included payments entered on 1/8/18.  MOST of those payments approved on Wednesday 1/10/18.     
**Reminder:  payments are USUALLY issued 1-3 working days (no weekends or holidays) after a payment is approved by DHS.  There was a technical problem with some of the payments approved on 1/8/18.  The problem has been fixed, and those payments are scheduled to issue on Friday night, 1/12/18.  Payments approved by DHS on 1/9/18 issued last night, 1/11/18.
**Payments are issued at night.  Paper checks go in the mail the next working day (weekends and holidays are not working days) .  Direct Deposit and Debit Card payments are in accounts two working days after being issued. Paper checks issued on Friday, 1/12/18 will be mailed on Tuesday, 1/16/18.  Direct Deposit and Debit Card payments issued on Friday 1/12/18 should be in accounts on Wednesday1/17/18.
Providers paid by Direct Deposit can get detailed information (case number, case name, month of service, dollar amount, amount of add-ons, deductions, etc.) of their issued payments through the Office of the Comptroller Enhanced Remittance screens.
To sign up for the enhanced screens, providers go to:
-On the home page, click on  VENDORS
-On next page, click on the highlighted phrase:  “Click Here To Access or Register For Enhanced Vendor Remittance.”
-Next Click on the red “Register” box
-Complete the registration page
-Within 24 hours, an e-mail should be sent which with give instructions on creating a password to view the detail of the payments.
*- When password has been created, Provider goes back into:
*-Click on Vendors
*-Click on:  “Click Here To Access or Register For Enhanced Vendor Remittance.”
*-Enter User ID
*-Enter Password
*-Click:  Login
*-Next page click:  Payments
*- Next page click:  Find Warrants  –  In this area providers can adjust the fiscal year, and/or the beginning and ending date of their search.  However, if they don’t make any adjustments, the search will show them the last 30 days of payments.
*-Next page will show the most recent issued payments at the top of the page.   Click on one of the Warrant/EFT#’s
*-Next page will give a lot of detail on the payment, including the Payment Voucher Description (all the specific case information of the payment)
To view issued payments without  payment detail information, providers go to:
-On the home page, options should come up:
*Click on Vendors
* Enter provider VENDOR TIN  (SS# or FEIN)
*Next enter the VENDOR NAME  (name as listed with The Office of the Comptroller. Businesses need to use the legal name as Comptroller has them listed)
*Select the security image noted
*Click: Submit
*Click: Payment Detail
*Click: Find Warrant (the most recent issued payment will be listed at the top of the next page)
Debit Card
Providers with card issues, should call the card company at: 866-338-2944.  For callers to speak with a customer service representative at the card company,  providers do not enter their card number when the message asks for it. When instructed, they should press the # sign.  Then when instructed, press option 4 for lost, stolen, or damaged card.  After entering the social security number and zip code,  a representative should come on the line.

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