Child Care Payment Update- August 7th

August 7, 2017 at 8:13 pm

Today, DHS will be approving many payments to HOME and CENTER providers that were entered on and up to 8/3/17, that are for service months other than 7/17.   At this point, we don’t know how soon 7/17 payments, entered on 8/1/17 and later, will start to be approved.  These will be the first payments for the new fiscal year. So, some technical adjustments and test have to be ran.  When everything is in place, processing of approvals can begin.  We anticipate the 7/17 payments should start approving around 8/9/17 or 8/10/17.   We will keep you updated.

Last date processed:

Home providers entered   8/3/17  (except for service month 7/17)

Center providers entered   8/3/17  (except for service month 7/17)

Providers paid by direct deposit can get detailed information of issued payments via the internet, by signing up for The Office of the Comptroller Enhanced Remittance screens.  To sign up, providers need to log on to the Office of the Comptroller web site of:  Go to the Vendors section and click on, “Click Here To Access or Register For Enhanced Vendor Remittance.” Then click Register and complete the registration.  After completing the registration, an e-mail will be sent to allow the provider to create a passcode and view detail of payments

To view issued payments without  payment detail information, go to:

-On the home page, options should come up:

*Click on Vendors

* Enter provider VENDOR TIN  (SS# or FEIN)

*Next enter the VENDOR NAME  (name as listed with The Office of the Comptroller. Businesses need to use the legal name as Comptroller has them listed)

*Select the security image noted

*Click: Submit

*Click: Payment Detail

*Click: Find Warrant (the most recent issued payment will be listed at the top of the next page)

*Payments are generally issued by The Office of the Comptroller 1-3 working days after the approval date.

Debit Card

Providers with card issues, should call the card company at: 866-338-2944.  For callers to speak with a customer service represnative at the card company,  providers do not enter their card number when the message asks for it. When instructed, they should press the # sign.  Then when instructed, press option 4 for lost, stolen, or damaged card.  After entering the social security number and zip code,  a representative should come on the line.

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