Child Care Payment Update- July 18

July 18, 2016 at 2:49 pm

Today, DHS will be approving many payments for CENTER providers only that were entered before and on 07/14/16.

Last date processed:

Home providers entered   07/13/16

Center providers entered   07/14/16


Click on:  Payments

Click on:  Provider Payment Inquiry

Enter:  SS# or FEIN

Click on:  Submit

CVR date is the approved date of the payment

*Payments are generally issued by The Office of the Comptroller 1-3 working days after the approval date.

Debit Card

Providers with card issues, should call the card company at: 866-338-2944.  For callers to speak with a customer service represnative at the card company,  providers do not enter their card number when the message asks for it. When instructed, they should press the # sign.  Then when instructed, press option 4 for lost, stolen, or damaged card.  After entering the social security number and zip code,  a representative should come on the line.

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