Child Care Payment Update- September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015 at 4:33 pm


At this time, it appears payments approved by DHS last night cannot be heard on 800-804-3833. However, the approval of those payments can be viewed on the DHS web site. DHS is hopeful the information will be in all areas soon.

DHS has been approving many payments throughout the week for both Centers and Home Providers.  It appears tonight, 9/18, DHS will be approving MOST payments with entry dates up to 9/16.  DHS always notes MOST on the approval of payments because some payments get held up for technical problems. Currently, there is a technical problem with a small portion of payments.  It appears many of the payments held up were entered around 9/11 and 9/14. DHS plans to have the problem fixed and the payments approved soon.  With funding still available, payments should continue to be approved next week.

Providers can view the approval of their payments on the DHS web site the day after the approval occurred at:


Click on:  Payments

Click on:  Provider Payment Inquiry

Enter:  SS# or FEIN

Click on:  Submit

CVR date is the approved date of the payment

*Payments are generally issued by The Office of the Comptroller 1-3 working days after the approval date.

Debit Card

It appears some debit card payments are still taking a little longer than usual to get to the card.  Genearlly, payments will be on the card two working days after the payment is issued.  With the new cards, it sometimes take 2 ½ to 3 working days after the issue date to reach the card account.  Providers with card issues, should call the card company at: 866-338-2944.  For callers to speak with a customer service represnative at the card company,  providers do not enter their card number when the message asks for it. When instructed, they should press the # sign.  Then when instructed, press option 4 for lost, stolen, or damaged card.  After entering the social security number and zip code,  a representative should come on the line.

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