Child Care Payment Update- July 14th, 2015

July 14, 2015 at 11:02 pm


There was a slight technical issue with some payments entered on 6/29.  Instead of those payments being approved on 7/2, it appears MOST of those were approved on 7/6.  Also, approved on 7/6 were SOME (not all) payments entered on 7/1. MOST of the remaining payments entered on 7/1 not already approved, and SOME of the payments entered on 7/2 were approved on 7/7.  DHS always notes MOST on the approval of payments because some payments get held up for individual technical issues or other provider specific issues.    Most of the remaining payments entered on 7/2, not already approved, MOST of the payments entered on 7/6, and SOME of the payments entered on 7/7 were approved by DHS on 7/10.   After 7/10,  more payments will probably start approving around 7/15.

Providers can generally view approved payments at:

**For payments approved in July, adjust  the Payment Inquiry Select Criteria from 2016 to 2015.**

*Go to tab:  FOR PROVIDERS

*Click on:  PAYMENTS


Enter:  SS# or FEIN

Click on:  Submit

-most recent approved payment will be noted at the top of the page.  The CVR column is the approved date.

PAYMENTS ISSUED BY THE OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER  (Some payments taking longer to issue than usual) 

DHS had a tape issue on some of the  payments approved on 7/6 and 7/7 .  DHS has reworked those tape(s), and we are hopeful those payments will be issued 7/13 or 7/14.  Payments approved on 7/8, 7/9, and 7/10 will issued after the problem payments. Reminder:  payments issued to the new debit card early this month, may not be on the card for 3 or four working days after being issued.

Providers can see issued payments at:

*Go to Financial Inquiries (tab at top of the page)

*click on Vendor Payments

* Enter SS# or FEIN (click OK)

*For the next two pages click on Gray Boxes at bottom  (Payments and Find Warrants) **To see payments issued in July 2015, do not changed the fiscal year.  Leave the fiscal year at 16.**

Most recent payment will be listed at top of the page.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: August Child Care Payments Payment Processing Update 7/15; More payments will approve ; Some Payments STILL Not Issued Yet; New Debit Card May Cause Some Delays


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