Child Care Payment Information- April 1, 2015

April 1, 2015 at 2:06 pm

Great News!     Last night, 3/31, IDHS approved  most payments entered on 3/1, 3/2, 3/3, and MANY (not all) payments entered on 3/4.  The payments that were approved last night should be issued by The Office of the Comptroller on Wednesday or Thursday night (4/1 or 4/2).

**On Wednesday night 4/1, DHS should  be approving MOST of the remaining payments entered on 3/4 that are not already approved, along with MOST payments entered on 3/5, 3/6, and MANY (not all) entered on 3/9.

**DHS hopes to have MOST of the back log of payments waiting for approval to be done by the end of this week.  Also, at this time DHS believes it will be able to start approving payments entered in April at the end of this week, or early next week.

***DHS always notes MOST on approval of payments because some payments get held up for individual technical issues or other provider specific issues.

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