Checking on Payments When They Are Direct Deposited-March 31, 2015

March 31, 2015 at 11:08 pm

For providers receiving their payments from the Office of the Comptroller by Direct Deposit, there is not a statement (stub) mailed to those providers listing information on specific payments.  However, there is an electronic option that providers can sign up for to view information on all their payments.  The option will give providers the ability to see a lot of information on the actual payment.  Information that can be viewed on the payment is:  provider name, voucher number, issue date, case number, client name, month of service, gross amount of payment, net amount, deductions (union dues), QRS add-on amounts, children names, and dollar amount issued for each child.

Go to the Illinois Comptrollers site at

If you haven’t been on the site before, you will need to register – just follow the direction on the site.

**Viewing detailed payment information through this Office of the Comptroller option is not available currently for providers paid by the Illinois Debit Master Card.  Debit card providers can have a monthly statement through the card company, or view their statement online through the card company website of:

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