Child Care Payment Updates;

June 12, 2014 at 7:35 pm

Dear Providers; 

We are getting many calls about the status of May payments. Many people are telling us ” I always have my payment by the 10th”.If this has been the case for you in the past, you have been very lucky, Please know,that this is not the standard payment cycle and for the purpose of budgeting, you should always count on about a  three week payment process from the entry of the bill to payment . Several years ago the state of Illinois made some deep cuts to the Child Care Assistance program. Rather than cut a large number of families from the program, the state made a decision to utilize some federal funds to help pay child care costs. These funds are available one time per month… and usually in the middle part of the month.   While the change was hard on providers, it is much better than the effects that would have been suffered by families and providers if services were cut. 

As many of you might already know, the General Assembly passed a budget this year that included another 20 million dollar cut for child care. Because of some additional obligations in the budget, we are anticipating the cuts to be even deeper than this.  Once final decisions are made on how the cuts will be implemented, we will share that information with you.

But now… on to the information you are really looking for..;….

Update on Issued and Approved Payments:

It appears  the mid-month child care funding is going to become available on  6/13. Payments waiting to be approved that were entered on 5/29, 5/30, and probably some payments entered on 6/2 may start to get approved by DHS on Friday night  6/13.  Once funding becomes available, other payments waiting to be approved should become approved throughout the week of 6/16 – 6/20. Providers can generally hear about entered and approved payments on 800-804-3833 one or two working days after the entry or approval. However, recently many callers have not been receiving information via 800-804-3833.  IDHS staff are checking into the issue, and hopefully soon the number will be working again properly.  After a payment is approved, providers and staff can use the following web site to see approval information:

 ** With funding about to become available, we expect payments to start be issued again around 6/17.           


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Payment Update June 3, 2014 Mid Month Child Care Funding Now Available: Child Care Payments Now Being Issued


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