Child Care Payment Update: February 25th

February 26, 2014 at 12:45 am

 **The IVR (system that allows providers to enter payments over the phone) has fixed many of its errors.  Payments that were entered, but were showing extremely large amounts, have been fixed, and MOST of the amounts showing in the payment system are now correct.  Some of these payments were approved by DHS on 2/18,  but MANY were still having technical issues and MOST of those will now be approved by DHS Tuesday night 2/25.  Some IVR entries did not take all the children on the case or may not have taken all the days.  In those instances the provider will have to forward their certificates to their CCR&R for entry by the office.       

**800-804-3833 is now working for all providers and clients.  However, some payments have incorrect amounts listed on the line. The payments that list the amounts wrong, will be fixed by DHS, and should be approved for payment very soon.  Licensed  providers must use the correct IVR case number for the 800 number to list the payment information.

 ***There was an additional issue that has not allowed payments approved by DHS on 2/13 to be issued at The Office of the Comptroller. Those payments were issued by The Office of the Comptroller on Friday 2/21.  

 Many entered payments are still moving through the system.  Many, but not all of the  payments entered up through 2/21 should be approved by DHS on 2/25 or 2/26.  Funding should stay available at least through  the end of the month,  which will allow for many more entered payments to be approved in the near future.   All providers can see approved payments on the DHS web site-see instructions below  

 Go to tab:  FOR PROVIDERS

Click on:  Payments

Click on:  Provider Payment Inquiry (The first Highlighted line on the page)

Enter: SS#/FEIN

Click on:  Submit    

 **Reminder on the payment process:  payment gets entered into the system, when funding is available for the payment, the payment is approved/vouchered.  Generally, 1-3 working days after the payment is approved/vouchered it will be issued by The Office of the Comptroller.  Providers can follow issued payments at The Office of the  Comptroller web site of: (financial inquiries, vendor payments,).   Payments are issued at night, if a provider is paid via paper check it will go in the mail the next working day.  If a provider is paid through direct deposit or debit card, it will be in the account two working days after the issue date.  (weekends and holidays are not working days ).

 More updates to follow.  


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