Child Care Payment Update- August 16, 2013

August 16, 2013 at 3:35 pm

Wednesday night, 8/14, DHS approved most (not all) payments entered on 8/1. The approval of these payments can be heard on 800-804-3833 phone line. It appears that the payments approved on 8/14, were issued by The Office of the Comptroller last night 8/15. Information on the issued payments is showing on the Comptroller screens today.

Last night, 8/15, there was a technical issue that kept the payments that were supposed to be approved by DHS from being approved. That included remaining 8/1 payments not already approved and most of the payments entered on 8/2. The technical issue should be fixed today, and these payments should be approved tonight. The approval unit also plans to approve tonight (8/16) payments entered on 8/5 and half of the payments entered 8/6.

Monday night, 8/19, DHS should approve the remaining payments entered on 8/6 that don’t get approved on 8/16, payments entered on 8/7, and most payments entered on 8/8.

More updates to follow.

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