Child Care Payment Update- March 15th.

March 15, 2013 at 3:43 pm

Last night, most payments entered on 3/1 and a small portion of payments entered on 3/4 became approved for payment by DHS. These payments should be issued at The Office of the Comptroller by early next week.

This evening, 3/15 we should see most payments entered on 3/4 not already approved by DHS become approved. Also, most payments entered on 3/5 should become approved tonight as well.

With funding now available for the month, we should have later entry dates become approved Friday and into all of next week. We will have more information as we receive it.

Remember, payments are generally issued by The Office of the Comptroller one to three working days after the payment is approved. Payments are issued at night, and are mailed the next working days for those paid by check. Payments that are issued through direct deposit, or on the debit master card, are in the account or on the debit card, two working days after issued. Weekends and holidays are not working days.

Have a great weekend.

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