Congratulations to Licensed Home Provider Lisa Padget- Highlighted Provider in Potpurri Magazine

September 12, 2012 at 2:59 pm

It is not suprising to those who know her, that Lisa Padget was the highlighted provider in the current issur of the Association for Child Development’s Potpurri Magazine.  Here is a excerpt from the article.   Congratulations to Lisa and her family!


Talk to Lisa Padget for  even a minute, and you will quickly discover that she is enthusiastic about almost everything — especially when it comes to the topic of

children. As owner of the Kozy Kids Daycare in West Frankfort, IL, Lisa’s entry into the home child care business stemmed from personal circumstances.

Her two oldest sons, now 20 and 19, were born with PKU, a rare condition in which a baby is born without the ability to properly break down an amino

acid called phenylalanine. After adapting to restricted diets for the boys, Lisa had a third son who was diagnosed with diabetes at 11 months. (A daughter, now 11, does not

suffer from either disease.) Although she had worked out of the home when her boys were small, Lisa decided that it made perfect sense to start her own in-home child care

business. “I really wanted to be with my own children while helping to care for other people’s children, too.” Ten years  later, with her children now older, Lisa cares for

16 children whom she considers her own. “I really love interacting with the children,” she said. “I love hearing their stories and seeing the smiles on their faces.”

Assisting Lisa in the business is her husband Scott who works 12-hour shifts on the weekend but is available throughout the week to help with the children. “I would be lost

without him,” Lisa said. “Not only does Scott play with the children, but he cooks, too. Also, if there is something I have to do outside the home, he is there to watch the children.”

Because their child care home is open 6 a.m. to midnight, Lisa said she enjoys planning activities around the clock, including T-ball, dodgeball, water play, or puppet shows. She

also said the children enjoy special theme days like “Pajama Day” or “Movie Night,” when the children – and quite often their parents – watch movies outside on a 60″ projection TV

screen. In the fall, favorite activites include a field trip to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard, pumpkin carving, and making pies. According to Lisa, the children also love hunting for

leaves. During the winter months, she stresses a curriculum with plenty of stretching and dancing to music.

Providing opportunities for hands-on creativity also has a special place in her business. “The children help me make everything,” she said.

“Last March, on Dr. Suess’s birthday, we colored the eggs green and served ham. We had alot of fun!   

Courtesy- Association for Child Development ” Potpurri Magazine 


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