Good Attendance Records Essential To Doing Good Business

July 10, 2012 at 1:20 pm


As public funds become scarcer, the policies and efforts to demonstrate the accountability for use of these funds have increased.   As part of those efforts, CCR&R may be requesting copies of your records to support what you have billed the state of Illinois. Remember that when you complete a child care certificate you should always write down the number of days a child attended your program.  The only time you should change the eligible days is when you DECREASE them due to the child leaving or your program closing for miscellaneous reasons. Please remember that the only person authorized to INCREASE eligibility is the CCR&R Case Manager.

 Good    is just part of a good business. All providers should have an accurate method for documenting their program’s attendance. These records provide protection from false claims from families that their children were not in attendance when it comes to billing disputes, they document that you were in compliance with licensing if an incident occurs, provide critical information in times of emergencies and provide the important documentation needed to receive food reimbursements and child care payments.  As the new fiscal year begins, CCR&R staff want to remind you that this a great time for you (and your staff if applicable) to review and strengthen your attendance documentation procedures. Here are some things to consider:

 Child Care Centers

  • A parent sign in/ sign out sheet should be in each classroom AND the parents should be expected and reminded to sign their children in/ out. This should only be done by a staff person in case of emergency.  If a child leaves your center, has some type of accident and was not signed out, you could be liable. These records act as the formal transfer of care from the parent to the center and back again. If there is a billing dispute and it comes between the parent’s word and yours, the sign in/sign out form with a parent’s signature (not Mom, DAD. GRANDMA, ETC) could be the deciding factor in what is paid. Good sign in/ sign out procedures are key to limiting your liability and reducing financial risk.

 Attendance should be taken in each classroom, BY THE TEACHER. If you are participating in the child/adult food program this should be done at meal time or as per the program’s requirements. 

 Both records should match and can be requested to support your billing certificate claims. If there are discrepancies or the records are incomplete, CCR&R may contact families to ask them to verify attendance. Sometimes memory fails us… it is much better to have good record keeping to support your billing rather than rely on your teacher’s memory or that of the parents.

 In addition, refer to Licensing Standards Section   407.260 Daily Arrival and Departure of Children

d) A daily attendance log shall be maintained in such a way that it is always possible to determine the number of children present at any given time.

e) The daily departure of children from the center shall be conducted in a way that

protects each child’s physical and emotional well-being

3) The time of each child’s departure from the center shall be noted on a daily

departure log and initialed, signed or otherwise documented by the person to

whom the child is released.

 Family Child Care.

 While sign in/ sign out sheets are not required, they are a good way to minimize your risk and liability. Attendance forms should always be used to document compliance and support your billing claims wither to CCR&R or the food program.

 Please refer to Licensing Standards Section 406.12 Admission and Discharge Procedures

d) A child shall be discharged from the facility only to the child’s parents or guardian or to a person designated in writing by the parents or guardian to receive the child.

i) The daily list of children in care shall be readily accessible in case of emergency evacuations and fire drills.


 Question?  As always, please feel free to call the CCR&R staff at 1-800-548-5563.


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