New Child Care Policy Changes- Effective July 2, 2012

June 27, 2012 at 7:35 pm


 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (CCAP) POLICY CHANGES – Effective July 1, 2012  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Provider Background Checks

‚   A legal child care provider for DHS is now defined as a provider that has cleared all appropriate background checks. Child Care providers will not be paid until they have cleared all required background checks.

  • Licensed child care providers will still be paid accordingly, upon approval of the case, because they have cleared the appropriate background checks as a part of the licensing process.
  • Legal non-licensed providers for DHS cannot be approved for payment until all appropriate background checks have been cleared.  The background checks that apply are below.
Type ofProvider Criminal Background Check Illinois Sex Offender Registry Check Child Abuse and Neglect Check
License Exempt Center Yes Yes Yes
License Exempt HomeHousehold members age 17+Household members age 13-16 YesYesNo YesYesYes YesYesYes
Relative Provider in Relative’s HomeHousehold members age 13+ NoNo YesYes YesYes
Non-Relative Provider in Child’s Home Yes Yes Yes
Relative in Child’s Home No Yes Yes

‚   Payments will NOT be retroactive, that is, a case will not be approved pending clearance and paid while waiting for clearance.  No payments will be made until cases are approved.

‚   PARENTS: For assistance in locating a legal child care provider, contact your local Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) Agency.

Flexible Work Schedule

‚   DHS will no longer pay for any additional days of child care beyond the approved eligible days indicated on the approval notice without supporting documentation.  For example, a family is approved for 4 days of child care per week, 17 days within the month, but works an additional 2 days within the month due to a staff shortage at work.  Supporting documentation from the employer must be submitted to cover the additional 2 work days.

‚   PARENTS will have to provide supporting documentation/proof of any changes in their activity schedules before the additional days can be approved for payment.

‚   If a family has a permanent change in their schedule, please complete the DHS Change of Information form to ensure accurate eligible days can be approved.

Parent Co-Payment Amounts are Increasing

‚   Monthly co-payments are increasing as of July 1st. If all the children in care are school-age and are approved for part day care for any month September through May, the amount of the co-payment will be reduced by one-half for that month.

‚   Parents will be notified of what their new co-payment amount will be beginning in July 2012 when their eligibility is redetermined.

‚   When parents receive their redetermination form in the mail, they should complete it and return it to their CCR&R or their Site Contracted Provider as soon as possible.

‚   Parents must make their co-payments to their child care providers each month, on the schedule given to them by their providers.

‚   Co-payment amounts are based on gross monthly income and family size.

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