Child Care Cuts Still on the Table!

April 19, 2012 at 3:36 pm

This message is courtesy of Illinois Action for Children

Urgent Action Needed to Prevent Devastating Cuts to Child Care

The governor’s proposed budget includes $85 million in programmatic cuts to the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP).  The proposed child care cuts include:

  • an on-average 52% increase in a parents’ co-payment
  • a significant reduction in eligibility to qualify for the program (from 185% FPL to 150% FPL)
  • eliminating a scheduled rate increase to center-based providers.  

These cuts are deep enough to send thousands of families out of the CCAP and cause providers to close their doors.

To make matters worse, these cuts will also start a domino effect which will ultimately put low-income families with children at risk of losing valuable early childhood education opportunities.  Parents rely on CCAP to help them access care for their children before and after half-day pre-school programs, such as the state’s Preschool for All.

Where will a family send their child when Preschool for All ends each day if:

  • families no longer qualify for CCAP, or
  • families cannot afford the disastrous increase in their co-payment, or
  • providers have closed their doors due to cuts and late payments?

Illinois’ early childhood system has been designed to provide our highest risk children with the school readiness opportunities children need and the full-day care options families’ need.  Preschool for All, Head Start and Child Care work hand in hand to support families today and prepare children for the brightest tomorrow possible.


Action Needed Now!!

Your elected officials need to hear from you about the cuts being proposed and how they would impact the children and families in your community.  Most legislators are unaware of the severity of the cuts being proposed to CCAP and the devastating effect the cuts will have on the ability of families to access school readiness opportunities for their children. 

Legislators are beginning the difficult budget process and we need them to be our voice in Springfield.  But in order to be our advocates, they need to know what’s going on!

  1. Visit your legislators in their district offices.  They are usually in-district on Mondays and Fridays until the end of May. 
  2. Call your legislators and share this alert with your networks. To make your calls, log-in and you’ll be given your legislators’ contact information and talking points to help with your phone calls.

We have fought hard in the past to prevent cuts to CCAP and we can do it again – but only with your support!!

Click Here to Take Action

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