New Online Workshops Available

April 11, 2012 at 9:49 am

Now available for professionals in SDA 16 – thanks to our online partners at CCEI. Regsiter online through the CCR&R website at and we will send you the links to the courses you would like to take.  There is a limit to how many courses will be assigned each week.

ADM102   Family Child Care Basics     Beginner 3 hr. This course was designed to provide information, resources, and advice to family child care providers. The course provides information regarding the business and regulatory side of family child care, as well as a basic overview of health, safety, child development, and educational issues relevant to those who use their homes to care for children.CHD 102   Dual Language Learning in the Early Childhood Environment    Intermediate  2 hrs    This course provides early childhood professionals with strategies and tools for helping young children develop language and early literacy skills in English as well as the children’s home language. Participants will learn the benefits of “dual language” learning for young children along with key strategies for increasing family engagement and promoting rich, dual language development in the classroom. CUR103    Outdoor Learning     Intermediate     3 hr    This course provides comprehensive information on integrating outdoor learning into the early childhood curriculum, including developmental benefits, recommended practices, and numerous ideas for activities. CUR104  The Toddler Curriculum    Beginner  2 hrs  This course is designed specifically for early childhood professionals who work with toddlers, a group that typically includes children between their first and third birthdays. Course participants will learn basic information about appropriate, effective curriculum; recommended guidance and teaching practices; appropriate materials and design elements in the learning environment; and effective strategies for working and communicating with parents. HLTH103  Fit for Life  Intermediate  2hrThis course provides strategies and methods to improve physical fitness and incorporate movement activities across the early childhood curriculum. LIT100 Storytelling for Enrichment, Early Literacy, and Fun Intermediate2This course provides comprehensive guidance for incorporating storytelling into the early childhood environment. Participants will learn why storytelling is important for young children, as well as strategies for effective storytelling and rich follow-up activities such as group discussion and playacting. NFS100 Healthy Habits: Nutrition and Fitness Practices   Beginner 1hrThis course offers ideas for promoting healthy eating and active play in the early childhood environment. Participants will learn why and how to develop a nutrition policy, strategies for working with families to promote proper nutrition practices at home, and curriculum enrichment ideas for increasing healthy lifestyle choices and reducing obesity. PROF101 Adult Learning: Theories and Strategies for Trainers and Directors Intermediate  1 hrThis course is designed for directors and other early childhood professionals who train adults or facilitate professional development programs. Participants will learn basic adult learning theories and strategies. 

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