CDA Amnesty Program a Big Success- See if You Are Eligible and Apply Today

March 16, 2012 at 8:52 pm

CDA Renewal Amnesty Program! CDA Community Responds Overwhelmingly to Renewal Amnesty Program Since beginning the launch of the CDA Renewal Amnesty Program on March 1, the Council has received overwhelmingly positive responses from around the CDA community. “Hope everyone takes advantage of this!” wrote Council Facebook friend, Karen Lee. The program allows anyone who has earned a CDA in the last ten years to apply for Renewal, even if their CDA has expired. If your initial or renewal CDA has a credential date of January, 2002 or later, you are eligible for Renewal Amnesty. This program will only last until December 31, 2012 so don’t delay… Renew your CDA today! To check to see if you are eligible, look in the lower left corner of your credential.

 If the date listed is more recent than January 1, 2002, you are eligible! Of course, in order to renew, you will also need to meet the following standard renewal requirements: • 4.5 CEUs or 3 college-credit-hours of training within the last 5 years • A recommendation from an ECE professional who is familiar with your professional work • A pediatric first aid certificate • Membership in an ECE professional membership organization • A brief letter from a supervisor testifying that you have worked at least 80 hours in the past year Buy a Renewal Packet now – click here.

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