Child Care Payments – A Reminder About the New Payment Cycle

February 8, 2012 at 5:17 pm

In November, CCR&R sent out information to providers letting them know about the new payment cycle for CCAP payments. At that time. providers were told that for ‘budgeting purposes” they should plan on their payments no earlier than the 3rd week of the month – or approximately 3 weeks after entry.  As we told you, the state of Illinois cut a significant amount of funding out of the child care budget for Fy12. Instead of cutting families from the program the state it utilizing some federal monies to pay for  a large percent of child care assistance  payments and other child care programs in the state. The change in the payment cycle is due to when these federal funds are available. We understand this change has been a difficult adjustment for many. However we continue to be appreciative of the efforts of IDHS and the Child Care Bureau to insure that families across the state continue to receive the assistance they need to continue to work.

Again- please plan on an average of 3 weeks from check entry to payment.

Below is today’s payment update from IDHS:


*Some payments entered on 2/1 were approved (vouchered) on Monday 2/6.  These payments should be issued by The Office of the Comptroller  Wednesday or Thursday (2/9 or 2/10).

*Remainder of most of the payments entered on 2/1 and some payments entered on 2/2 were approved on Tuesday 2/7.  However, that information will not be on PF11 or 800-804-3833 until Thursday.  These payments should be issued Thursday or Friday.

*A FEW more payments entered on 2/2 will be approved by DHS on Wednesday or Thursday.  But, this will not cover all payments entered on 2/2. 

*Most payments with later entry dates: 2/2 (not alrady approved), 2/3, 2/6, 2/7, etc. will probably not be approved by DHS until the middle of the month when more funding is available. 

***NOTE:  There are two state holidays coming up, Monday 2/13, and Monday 2/20.  Processing will not take place on these days.

 example;  payments issued on Thursday will be in debit card or direct deposit accounts on Tuesday.  Payments issued on Friday that are paper warrants will be mailed on Tuesday.

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