CCR&R Move Almost Complete: CCAP Staff Temporarily Working At Other Location

December 11, 2011 at 10:23 am

The CCR&R program has moved to its new office building. Unfortunately, due to a glitch in processing the necessary paperwork in Springfield, we will not have access to the CCAP data system and information at the new location until January 10th. This means that staff working in the new building will not be able to answer any questions about your case or payments. 

 For payment information, providers should call the payment information line at 1-800-804-3833 or go to the state comptroller’s website. Remember, for budgeting purposes you should plan on payments being made the third week of the month. 

Case specific questions can be addressed using email. Send your questions to Please allow 10 business days for processing of all work.

The good news is that CCR&R staff has access to the CCAP computer system at another location. So that , certificates, applications, redes, and other work can continue to be completed in a timely manner Case Managers and Clerks will need to be working at another location  during most of their day.  They do not have access to phones at this location.

The CCR&R phone system has been moved to the new location and remaining  staff will be checking CCAP staff  voice mail  messages.  Voice mail should be utilized for emergency/ urgent issues only.  

It is anticipated that we will  be back to normal operation on January 10, 2012. Until this time, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

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