Child Care Payments- What Should I Expect in the Future?

November 17, 2011 at 6:10 pm

What Has Been Happening With My Child Care Checks?    What Should I Expect in the Future?

 Beginning in July 2011, Illinois has changed the way it pays for the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). They reduced the amount of state dollars used to fund the program and replaced them with federal monies that can also be used for this purpose. The good news is that CCAP caseloads did not need to be reduced and families can still receive assistance- the bad news is that this changes the time of the month when most checks can be issued. For budgeting purposes, most providers should expect that the time frame to receive a check will change from two weeks to three weeks after entry into the system. We expect this to be the case from now through next June. Certificates paid with state funds may be paid earlier or at other times, but there is no guarantee this will happen to you on a regular basis or is something on which you can count. CCR&R staff remains committed to entering certificates within 24 hours of receipt and IDHS staff are working very hard to have everything processed quickly so when the federal monies are available, checks can be drafted as soon as possible. We understand this causes a hardship for many and wanted our providers to understand what is happening ( and why) so that there are realistic expectations regarding the new payment cycle. Thank you for continuing to provide valuable services to children and families in your community.

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